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Thank you for your interest in making a donation!

Donations are possible through PayPal in either Euro or US Dollar.
You can choose any amount in these currencies.

Please use the buttons below to make a donation that is NOT funded through a credit card:

Please use the buttons below to make a donation that is funded through a credit card:

Why differenciate between credit card funded donations and other donations?

PayPal has different account types. The personal account is free (no fees on incoming or outgoing payments) but can't accept payments that are funded through a credit card. The premier account can accept credit card funded payments and is free for outgoing payments but there is a fee for incoming payments. The fee is imposed on all incoming payments, not only on credit card transactions. Since PayPal allows to have a personal and a premier account I decided to set up both accounts so that I will be able to accept credit card transactions into one account for a fee and all other donations into the second account for free.

When is a donation credit card funded?

A transaction is credit card funded if you use a credit card to 'recharge' your PayPal account.

When is a transaction not credit card funded?

If you use money you received into your PayPal account from somebody else or if you use a bank account to 'recharge' your PayPal account.

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